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Bo Yi Art Studio

Welcome to OilPaintingShops.com!

About us:

OilPaintingShops.com is a website wholly owned and operated by Bo Yi Art Studio, a Dafen Art Village based company specialized in the sales of contemporary artworks since 2002. The company is well experienced and their products include the following:


  • Hand-painted Oil Paintings
  • Hand Crafted Textured Art
  • Large Size Wall Art
  • Multiple Panels Paintings
  • Original Fine Art
  • Art Reproduction
  • Giclee Art Prints

    With countless styles, sizes and types of original art, you can search for the perfect artistic complement for your personal space—including Abstract Floral Paintings, Landscapes, Seascapes & Cityscapes, Feng Shui Zen Art, Animals and Figures.

    Bo-Yi also works one on one with clients with customized wall art sizing. And we always have a stellar selection of Sales and New Arrivals!

    In addition to our website, Bo Yi Art Studio can be found on:
    Ebay (stores.ebay.com/Large-Abstract-Wall-Art-Paintings)
    Facebook (facebook.com/original.abstract.paintings)
    Twitter (twitter.com/BoYiArtStudio)

    Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction, by providing you the lowest market prices anywhere! We have a five-star satisfaction rating.

    Thank you for visiting our stie! We look forward to serving you and making the world a little more beautiful!

    Our artists:


    From modest beginnings, I launched a career as an emerging artist diving deep into my passion to create pieces of artwork that people will love and cherish. Inspired every day by the positive comments that my customer give me, I put my heart and soul into every original piece i create. My blending of light and colors separate me from other artists. I'm driven to be the best artist I can be. It is not until I'm completely satisfied with the quality of the piece that I sign the art with the simple yet sought after.

    --- Aqiang Leong

    100% Customer Satisfaction:

    Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction in all our services.

    Order from Bo Yi Art Studio today. You will not only be buying high quality oil paintings directly from the artists themselves but also at the lowest market prices anywhere. We have a large selection of all kinds of contemporary paintings, for you to choose from. Please take your time to find the piece of artwork that you like. You're not just buying a wall decor for your home or office, but a collector's piece that you will enjoy for a long time.

    Love Picture, Love Art!